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Assists in technology product finishing, trial production, commercializing VNU consultation service products and their transfer.

Promotes consultation services on VNU S&T knowledge for enterprises, organizations and individuals both inside and outside the country.

Receives and transfers knowledge to VNU to form knowledge incubators, S&T incubators to help enhance VNU’s training, research and management.

Collaborates and cooperates with the world’s highly prestigious organizations and universities, especially with those organizations and universities having a knowledge transfer model, to carry out knowledge transfer activities through cooperation in S&T research and technology brokerage services.

 Buys, exploits and transfers international patents and technologies to meet the domestic demand (surveys and evaluates domestic technology trading markets, determines transfer fees ...).

 Participates in designing and operating VNU’s S&T Product Exchange; offers made-to-order short training and retraining courses.
National Assembly adopts Draft Law on Technology Transfer (amended)
Some comments of the NA's deputies proposed to supplement policies to encourage organizations and individuals to personally work, ...