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"What we know today will be outdated the next day. If we stop learning, we will stop growing."- Dorothy Billington.
In order to help individuals in organizations and enterprises to accumulate and update new knowledge to improve their skills and abilities, VNU CSK offers the following quality professional training courses:
Program for corporate leadership
Program for managers
Program for staff
Program for provincial and municipal officials, civil servants and staff
Creative innovation program for leaders, managers
Program for creative innovation and entrepreneurship lecturers
Intellectual property program

The faculty working for VNU CSK are leading experts in the fields of economics, finance, human resources, production management, commercial services, intellectual property, startup, ... with practical experience gained from holding important positions in corporations, banks, real estate companies, law firms, S&T centres, enterprise incubation centre,…

VNU CSK is committed to creating a dynamic, innovative learning environment that provides practical value for learners to grasp and effectively apply the learned knowledge to work with great breakthroughs.

Details of VNU CSK’s training programs are available here.