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VNU CSK provides consultation services for study in Japan, Korea, USA, UK and Canada. VNU CSK regularly organizes workshops to provide accurate information about overseas study, requirements and preparation for admission as well as necessary guidance (school choice, application preparation, English skills improvement, visa advice, scholarships and financial aids, housing and other on-arrival support). VNU CSK is also the link between students and parents as well as between the school and the family throughout the study period.
The benefits of choosing VNU CSK include:
Consultation on selecting school and majors relevant to students’ conditions and expectations.
Consultation on public high school, boarding high school, college, community college, university; master’s, and doctoral programs.
Consultation on relevant scholarship/ financial aids.
 Notarized translation of student documents.
 Guidance for recommendation letter and essay completion.
 Pre-departure orientation sessions for students and parents.
 Tracking and periodically reporting on student academic progress to the family.
 Assistance to students studying abroad in applying for higher academic levels/ school transfers.
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